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Photography Tutorials

phototuts+ A site containing a wide variety of tutorials. There is also a premium service which offers more advanced tutorials.
Digital Photography Tutorial This site offers ideas to make better photos.
Photography Composition Articles Lots of articles from many different sources.
Photography section from the Guardian Newspaper website This includes the "Guardian Guide to Photography".
Photography section from the BBC website This includes "How to take Good Photos" by Tom Ang. Note, however, that this site is not maintained. It was last updated in 2007.
Fodors: Focus on Travel Photography Fairly basic, but still useful.
Photography Tips Lots of interesting information, much of which is only available to subscribers.
PictureCorrect Lots of short tutorials together with equiment reviews, news etc. The site offers a free email newsletter.
Improve Photography Yet more tutorials, many in the form of podcasts. The site also offers a free email newsletter.
Cambridge in Colour The site describes itself as a "Learning Community for Photographers".
TripBuzz This page describes itself as the "Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography".

Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Photography A page about, well... pinholes. It contains links to several other sites about the subject. If you are interested in pinhole photography, you should also be aware of Justin Quinnell's site.

Photoshop Tutorials

Guru99 Guru99 contains tutorials on a wide variety of topics - not only photoshop. The discussion of photoshop gives a basic introduction.
phototuts+ A site containing a wide variety of tutorials including photoshop. There is also a premium service which offers more advanced tutorials. An excellent set of tutorials. The description of blending modes is amongst the clearest I have found.
Russell Brown Russell Brown is a creative director at Adobe. He has some interesting tips which are illustrated in Quicktime to make them easy to follow.
101 Photoshop Tutorials A pretty comprehensive topic based guide to Photoshop.


History of Canon Cameras Canon's own virtual camera-history museum.

Do It Yourself

Cleaning Digital Cameras How to look after your own camera, including cleaning the sensor. This is a sure-fire way to void your warranty.
Care and Maintenance for DSLR and Smartphone Cameras Another guide to the care of cameras and smartphones.
DIY Photography Build your own equipment. How not to spend money!