Steve's Photo Site

Back in 1992 and 1993, knowing that we had new members in Reading Camera Club, we ran a series of articles about the basics of photography. Those articles are reproduced here.

The articles were written long before "digital" photography. Even "autofocus" was considered a rather dubious trick. It is also interesting to note how technology-centred the articles were. There is nothing about composition, for example.

So, enjoy a view of the past - complete with the original crude graphics. It was the best we could do at the time.. but time has moved on. I may get round to updating the articles sometime. But don't hold your breath.

Index of Articles

  1. Cameras and Lenses (Summer 1992)
  2. Film (September 1992)
  3. Exposure (October 1992)
  4. Depth of Field and Movement (November 1992)
  5. Lenses and Perspective (December 1992)
  6. Filters (January 1993)
  7. Colour Balance (February 1993)
  8. Black & White Negative Processing (March 1993)
  9. Black & White Printing (April 1993)
  10. Common Problems (May 1993)